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    • Longtime DA Bob Russel dies at 82 - Colorado Springs Gazette
      Longtime DA Bob Russel dies at 82Colorado Springs GazetteRussel's courtroom victories include the prosecution of the man who killed Karen Grammer, sister to actor Kelsey Grammer. The case led to a lifelong association with Grammer, which wasn't unusual for Russel. He was known to keep victims' photos in his ...and more »
    • Events in Connecticut - New York Times
      Events in ConnecticutNew York TimesRIDGEFIELD Ridgefield Playhouse Andy Grammer, pop. Feb. 7 at 8 pm $37.50. David Sanborn, jazz. Feb. 8 at 8 pm $55. Jeffrey Osborne and Peabo Bryson, soul. Feb. 11 at 6:30 pm $135 to $225. Marcia Ball and BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet, blues and jazz.and more »
    • BRIEFLY: Feb. 1 - Wicked Local
      BRIEFLY: Feb. 1Wicked LocalKaren Buechs co-hosts each show unless otherwise noted. Visit www.pactv.org for details or call 508-830-6999. Scheduled guests on upcoming shows are as follows. Feb. 1: Margie Burgess and friends remember roller-skating at Memorial Hall Feb.

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      • 1 1 Cap Lou Smit in uniform jpg
        Captain Lou Smit in uniform Detective Lou Smit eased his car into the alley off
      • 1 3 Barry University sign jpg
        description a young woman from Florida by the name of Karen Alicia Grammer who had taken a year off from her studies at Barry College and moved up to Colorado Springs had vanished July 1 Barry University sign Figuring it was worth a try Smit went to her apartment building and slid the key they had recovered from her body into the lock It fit Just to make sure they asked
      • 11 2 So Far bookcover jpg
        Russel among other chores has developed a class for law enforcement officers on sex and crime a class that includes in its syllabus the whole grim story of the Michael Corbett cabal So Far As for the Grammer family the whole world now knows the name of Karen Grammer s older brother The grief stricken young man who had to fly to
      • 1 4 Kelsey Grammer jpg
        even less time had passed since the death of their grandfather the man who had really raised the Grammer kids I ll tell you tragedy has really struck that family Smit had commented Kelsey Grammer At least now they had a name And maybe they had a little bit more Smit thought on that July morning as he sat in his car sipping coffee at the side of the road on a dead end
      • 2 1 Map Ft Carson Colorado jpg
        Map Ft Carson in Colorado In fact as Smit would soon learn that very night Grammer had gone to the Red Lobster to meet her boyfriend after work
      • 8 2 Black fabric jpg
        a desire to do as they had seen Corbett do a desire to terrorize and dominate someone If that scenario is correct then Karen Grammer was doomed the moment she stepped out of her car Black fabric used to silence Karen Grammer According to Dunn s account a story that even now Heim finds sickening Glenn and the others grabbed the 18 year old Grammer forced her into
      • 4 3 Robert Russel jpg
        detachment he was Corbett s devoted disciple Glenn was a follower just a follower but he was there he was present when Corbett killed and so he thought he could kill Smit said Robert Russel Within a short time Smit and Heim who would later be joined by Robert Russel the prosecutor who later worked on the case of serial killer Ted Bundy began to suspect that
      • 4 2 Michael Corbett jpg
        was a man completely without a conscience he had no conscience whatsoever What s more he was prone to sudden murderous impulses Smit said capable of going off or on like a switch Michael Corbett As an example Smit cited an incident that happened before Corbett s and Glenn s killing spree began in earnest He ran over some guy with a tank Smit said That s a true
      • 7 2 Winfred Profitt killed jpg
        later say afforded him that opportunity Once Corbett and Profitt were safely out of view of any potential witnesses Corbett produced a bayonet and plunged it into the young man s chest Location where Winfred Profitt was killed The motive for the killing was as chilling as it was uncomplicated Smit later said
      • 4 1 Bayonet  similar to mur jpg
        The soldier had been killed with a bayonet Bayonet similar to murder weapon Smit along with a young prosecutor named Chuck Heim started pounding the streets and they learned more about Corbett and Glenn the two men at the center

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