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      HaaretzA nation with characterHaaretzI'm not a Christian, but when it comes to scary days, I honor all religions and all cults. I drove very slowly so the car wouldn't skid, and I ignored the honking of the irritated drivers behind me. "Maybe I should run for office?
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      Business InsiderFrench Court Says Scientology Is A Scam, Not A ReligionBusiness InsiderFansten says France has been fighting the organization since it was included in a parliamentary list of dangerous cults under government surveillance in 1996. “Traditionally, France and the United States are at different ends of the spectrum when it ...and more »

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        • bywives1 works angell decker cook jpg
          lately but I remember the little pamphlet handed out in Sunday School listing all the most dangerous cults and there was Mormonism at the top of the list All those souls waiting to be born All those wives We young men were shocked appalled affronted envious
        • occultusa 200 jpg
          8 23 6pm Occult USA The Process Church of the Final Judgment Was The Process Church truly one of the most dangerous Satanic cults in America Or were they an intensely creative apocalyptic shadow

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